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How to Choose a Safety Padlock

When it comes to choosing the right safety padlock for your establishment, business sector, lockout procedure and process. There are several areas to consider so that you can choose, utilise and implement them effectively and safely. The locks themselves form an integral part a safety procedure, however, the wrong lock choices could unravel even the most comprehensive procedure.

What Is LOTO? Q & A

Should I be using LOTO? Is the LOTO I have in place fit for purpose? Be proactive! Try asking yourself the following questions, if you can identify a risk from these then adopting an appropriate LOTO solution is advised.

How We Increased Safety, Production and Efficiency for ALPLA Group

In this article, our Safety Development Manager at Spectrum Industrial publishes the recent LOTO works undertaken at ALPLA Groups Headquarters (Austrian International Acting Plastics Manufacturer). ALPLA Group are one of the largest producers of rigid plastic packaging solutions worldwide, with a total of 190 production plants in 46 countries, approx.

Essential Steps of Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout is essential in the control of hazardous energy, in a wide range of industry sectors. The unexpected start-up or release of stored energy is immensely dangerous for any employee/operative in close proximity to the machine. LOTO is still the best-known practice for this protection and should be utilized any time the machine is being cleaned, maintained, and inspected. As well as for company shutdowns, turnarounds, power outages and more.

Lockout Tagout – Is there an exception?

When do we need to isolate and lockout and when don’t we? What are the exceptions to the rule and how do you guarantee your own safety?

Working at Heights

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries, with , the highest number of falling from height accidents occurring in the food sector, construction sector and agriculture (HSE)