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At Spectrum Industrial we are not just about product, we pride ourselves on offering expertise when it comes to the products we sell and our commitment towards safety has led us to create Spectrum Services.

Our expert teams are constantly keeping up to date with safety legislation allowing us to provide much more than just a product. We can help strengthen your current site, your teams and your premises management with Spectrum Services. We free up your time and give you the resources to concentrate
on what’s important to you.

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By law the correct safety signage should be displayed in the appropriate locations and to current legal standards.


If you are unsure of your legal obligations or have been notified by a regulatory body that your current signage is not adequate, our team of experts are on hand to offer a Safety Signage Survey for your Premises.

 A site survey will provide you with exact details of what you need including:

  • Advice on signs you need, including size, positioning and materials.
  • Bespoke sign manufacturing service to ensure you have the exact signs you require for your business.
  • Advice on other matters to ensure the safety of you and your staff, including lockout tagout and asset management.

Machinery/Equipment Safety Survey


According to hse.gov there are hundreds of machinery and industrial equipment accidents every year. Our surveys will review your lock out tag out process for when machinery is undergoing repair or maintenance and provide advice on the process and products required to ensure when your machinery is safely isolated during repair or routine maintenance.

Would you like a site survey?

Please complete either of our Lockout Tagout or Safety Signage self audit tools which are available below and then proceed with the survey.

Lockout Tagout Self Audit

Safety Signage Self Audit

(This survey will help us tailor our services to your unique needs. Survey Length: Approx 1-2 Minutes to Complete)

The survey is not agreed or confirmed until stated separately. Contact sales@spectrum-industrial.co.uk for anything else.

Our programmes are not only designed to train our resellers sales teams, but also to support our resellers in providing training their Business customers, especially in more niche areas such as Lock Out Tag Out. In addition to our training programmes, we can also offer our resellers our Mobile Training Unit. Free to use, it is ideal for staff training, events or open days, providing the opportunity to get hands on with our products.
Reseller Information
Customer Information

Our sign manufacturing team have many years of experience designing, producing and installing safety signs and stencils worldwide. From the smallest one-off vinyl sign to large hoarding boards and larger print runs of many thousands, we can be depended upon to provide a fast and efficient service.

If you have a specific requirement for your signs, we can work closely with you to provide a design service or alternatively you can send us your own artwork.

The diversity of our production facilities is second to none, why not give us a call and see how we can help you.

The Eagle-ID scheme can be implemented on any of the Lockout Tagout padlocks we supply and will provide an ironclad guarantee that your site is free from key duplications and the safety implications this can present.

Every padlock supplied has its unique key reference recorded on our internal system, and subsequent orders are cross-referenced against this database to ensure no duplications can ever be issued to the user, regardless of site location or company organisational structure.

For further details and help on implementing the Eagle-ID please contact our sales office or complete the form below.