Our Commitment
to Sustainability


Centurion Europe, Spectrum Industrial and Visual Group are committed to achieving a more sustainable future. From the source of production to the end user's hands, sustainability threads through every facet of our operations.

Our ambition is to strive towards a sustainable future, understanding it is a continuously developing journey, one we are fully comitted to.

As a business with shared interests in the planet, we are bringing the Centurion Sustainability Strategy to you, our valued customers.


Solar Panels

All of our energy comes from renewable sources with solar panels being installed in 2024.


We strive to have minimal waste going to landfill, with our key focus being on re-using and recycling.


Reduced our energy KW used by 25% over the last five years.


Social Sustainability


Social sustainability promotes the health and well-being of colleagues by giving them equal opportunities and access to the resources to support their families, both socially and economically. We also liaise with local residents to minimise the impact our business has on them and support local and national charities where we can to help others near and far.

Economic Sustainability

Recycling and reducing pollution are a common practice for Economic Sustainability. The innovative and effective solutions we will embed, address your needs as customers and strengthen ecnomic growth by adding value to products and services.

Environmental Sustainability

We strive to implement initiatives that contribute to the resource efficiency of materials, such as avoiding the use of single-use non-recyclable plastics (see our shift from non-PVC to PP in 2023).