Three Spectrum Employees, Two Exhibitions, and a Success on the Road!

UK Construction Week & Health and Safety Event

Three Spectrum Employees, Two Exhibitions, and a Success on the Road!

Our team recently attended the Health & Safety Event in Birmingham and UK Construction Week in London. Now, despite some very sore feet from back-to-back weeks of exhibitions, both shows were incredibly successful for us! We spoke with hundreds of people, most of whom spoke with us to help find a solution to their safety problems.

What can you find in our blog?
  1. Who we spoke to
  2. Common problems people have
  3. What people were looking for at the exhibitions
  4. Popular Spectrum products
  5. Was the show a success?

What type of people did we speak to?
Across the two weeks, our team spoke with hundreds of people, but the majority came from health and safety backgrounds. In addition to health and safety professionals, we had great conversations with directors, CEOs and project managers.

What problems did they have?
When speaking to people on stand, we found that many needed advice from an expert, especially regarding LOTO. These people generally held ‘health and safety manager’ or similar titles and already had LOTO systems in place, but needed some advice and support to ensure what they have in place is correct.
We also found that some companies have outdated signage or LOTOTO systems that need an upgrade. These people came to us to discuss our LOTOTO systems and find out how we can support them via site visits, surveys or training from our experts.

What were they looking for?
This is probably the most important question for us. What did people come to the shows for? What did they want to take away from the shows? What type of companies did they want to visit?
While some people came to the show with problems they needed solving, most people we spoke to came to our stand knowing exactly what they wanted.
We were lucky, especially at the Health & Safety Event, that we had a niche that people couldn’t find elsewhere.

If you wanted PPE, such as boots, gloves or ear defenders, you were spoiled for choice! However, there was a distinct gap in the exhibitors list for safety signage and LOTOTO. (As far as we could see, anyway!)
We had many visitors looking for bespoke signage, custom lockout kits, lockout training and site surveys.
And luckily for them, Spectrum has what they need!

What were our most popular products?
Our brand-new rescue hook boards were the most popular product at the Health & Safety Event. Many people expressed strong interest, but we saw the most interest from electric vehicle manufacturers. If you didn’t know, these rescue hook boards are designed for rapid intervention when a victim experiences electric shock. Depending on which application suits you best, they can be provided either wall-mounted or as a lean stand.

We also saw great interest in our tagging systems. A popular product at UK Construction Week in particular, tagging systems are important for applications such as working at height. For example, permanently erected scaffolding needs to be inspected on a weekly basis, so a system like this is perfect for keeping on top of maintenance inspections.

Finally, our LOTO boards received a lot of interest from visitors. We took our new LOTO demo boards to both exhibitions, and they were perfect for demonstrating how each of our products works. It’s always handy to give visitors hands-on experience with our products so they can see them in action and get a feel for how they can be used in their own workplace.

Were the shows successful?
To put it simply, YES! Both shows were incredibly successful. We met hundreds of visitors, from health and safety professionals and project managers to CEOs and directors, and as a result, we had some great conversations, discovered what people in the market needed and, most importantly, generated some quality leads to follow up.

The word ‘quality’ really is the key term here. While it’s always great to speak with many people and get their contact details, the quality of the contacts is what truly matters.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the two shows recently. We truly enjoyed it, and if you missed us, don't worry. We're attending Hillhead 2024 in June, so visit us at Stand RC11 if you're attending.