Black footprints - R9 Floor Signals (300 x 100mm) 5 Pairs

SKU: 16055

Self adhesive high visibility floor signal markers are ideal to highlight walkways, traffic flow, pallet positions and general marking on the warehouse floor. The markers are suitable for application onto a clean, flat sealed surface and can withstand the everyday abrasion from forklifts to general footfall and pallets.

  • Each floor signal has a hard wearing non slip, non abrasive lamination on the face
  • Certified R9 Grade Anti Slip
  • Size: W100mm x L300mm
  • Pack of 5 Pairs
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • These symbol floor signals are backed with a high strength adhesive and an anti-slip non-abrasive laminate to the face. Easy to apply and will adhere to most smooth, clean flat surfaces. All our signs conform to the BS EN ISO 7010 regulation, ensuring that all graphical safety symbols are consistent and compliant.
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