10 Padlock Filled Premier Lockout Station
3-5 Day Lead Time

10 Padlock Lockout Station - Premier


Lockout products are a physical method of isolating equipment to prevent it being re-energised or stop the release of any stored energy.

  • Lockout Stations should be located wherever it is deemed most appropriate for its desired purpose.
  • This station includes the following: 1 x Station Lock board, 1 x 25mm Vinyl Coated Hasp, 1 x 38mm Vinyl Coated Hasp, 10 x Red Safety Lockout Padlocks, 1 x 10 Pack of 'Do Not Operate' Tags.
  • These Pre-filled lockout stations contain everything needed to lockout the relevant equipment. The absence of any equipment is immediately apparent which can then be traced or replenished
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