Large Lockout Kit (32 Piece Set)
3-5 Day Lead Time

Large Lockout Kit


Lockout tagout kits combine and organise commonly used devices.

  • Kit Includes: Premium Lockout Bag
  • Small Ball Valve Lockout.
  • Large Ball Valve Lockout.
  • 2x Multi-purpose Cable Lockout (2.5m Cable).
  • 2x Vinyl Coated Lockout Hasp (25mm).
  • 2x Vinyl Coated Lockout Hasp (38mm).
  • 6x Red Safety Lockout Padlocks (KD).
  • 3x Do Not Operate Tags (Pack of 10).
  • 2x Ultra-Fine Permanent Pen.
  • Gate Valve Lockout (25 - 63.5mm).
  • Gate Valve Lockout (63.5 - 127mm).
  • Gate Valve Lockout (127 - 165mm).
  • Caution Lockout in Operation A Board.
  • Large plug/Pneumatic Lockout.
  • MCB Lockout (Pin Out Standard).
  • MCB Lockout (Pin In Standard).
  • MCB Lockout (Pin Out Wide).
  • 2x Universal MCB Lockout.
  • Pneumatic Lockout.
  • 3-Phase Dial Lockout.

  • Our pre-selected kits are designed to cover most common needs. Each kit is supplied in a carry case and provides a convenient choice for any lockout professional. Ideal for keeping essential lockout equipment in one convenient place, without the need to return to the lockout station.
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