Electrical Lockout Kit (11 Piece Set)
3-5 Day Lead Time

Electrical Lockout Kit


This Lockout Tagout 11-Piece kit helps to combine and organise commonly used devices.

  • Kit Includes: Lockout Shell Case/Pouch, 2 x Red Safety Lockout Padlocks (KD), 2 x Single Tag with Eyelet (Double Sided), MCB Lockout (Pin Out Standard), MCB Lockout (Pin In Standard), MCB Lockout (Pin Out Wide), Yellow MCB Lockout (Universal), Yellow MCB Lockout (Type 1), Ultra-fine Permanent Pen.
  • Our pre-selected kits are designed to cover most common needs. Each kit is supplied in a carry case and provides a convenient choice for any lockout professional. Ideal for keeping essential lockout equipment in one convenient place, without the need to return to the lockout station.
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