Visual Management Solutions: The Essential Guide

New Product Launch, Spectrum industrial Visual Management Boards

Visual Management Solutions: The Essential Guide

Revamp Your Workspace. Streamline Operations. Boost Efficiency.
The Spectrum industrial Visual Management boards have arrived. The ideal method of communicating information in a centralised area and commonly used to display vital information in the workplace. 

6S Lean Manufacturing

  • 6S Lean is an adaptable set of tools that can be applied to any system.
  • 6S is easy to adapt for most environments and implements 6S can lead to a cleaner and less cluttered workspace. Less clutter and more order means employees will always know where to find tools and waste will be eliminate.
  • 6S can also create a more welcoming environment for visitors to your premises.

Shadow boards

Shadow boards are often used within manufacturing environments to improve a facilities lean capabilities. The aim is to achieve an organised workplace where tools, supplies & equipment are stored in locations close to work areas. Shadow boards provide ideal colour coded storage for;
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Production Boards
  • Cleaning Stations

Workplace Visual Management Boards

Our site visual management boards are the ideal method of communicating information in a centralised area and are commonly used to display important information such as:
  • Safety & Quality Information
  • Lean Manufacturing Programmes (5S/6S), Reminders & Data
  • Comments and Information From Staff
  • Production Figures and Targets
Many of our Spectrum industrial boards have been designed so they can incorporate your company logo, alternatively if you want to make more substantial changes, please contact our sales office with your requirements and we'll be able to work with you to design and create a solution to your specific requirements.


5S Standards Board

Spectrum Industrial 5S Standards Boards
Organise Your workplace and improve productivity by establishing a company 5S programme. Utilising the well known 5S system, our board provides a platform to display information and progress in one central location.
Board dimensions (WxH): 800 x 600mm
Material: 3mm ACP panel with a whiteboard laminate

5S Standards Board - Double Sided

Spectrum Industrial 5S Standards Board - Double Sided An expanded version of our 5S board providing even more space for information entry. This version is mounted in our sturdy lightweight aluminium frame giving the versatility to display the unit wherever needed.
Frame Size (WxH): 1000 x 2000mm
Board DImensions (WxH): 935 x 1920mm

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